Tourfic Pro is always Up-to-Date

We try to release at-least one update every second month. Check our previous changelogs

  • Added Hotel room gallery
  • Added: Partial deposit option in hotels
  • Added: Partial deposit option in tours
  • Fixed: Price calculation by per night in hotels
  • Fixed: Date selection issue in calendar
  • Fixed: Calendar translation issues
  • Added: Multiply hotel room pricing by night
  • Improved: Hotel/tour will be directly added to the WooCommerce cart/checkout
  • Removed: Dependency on WooCommerce products. No product will be created for hotel/tour booking.
  • Improved: All icons replaced with FontAwesome icons
  • Fixed: Single tour pricing display issue
  • Fixed: Several conditional bugs
  • Updated: Several translation strings
  • Removed: Some deprecated functions
  • Fixed: Some CSS bugs
  • Fixed: Elementor widget bugs
  • Critical: Fixed – Global settings were not saving
  • Updated: Compatibility check with WooCommerce 6.5.1
  • Added: Login & register Elementor widgets
  • Added: Optimization feature (CDN & Minification)

Added: Permalink settings to the global settings panel 

Added: Permalink settings to the global settings panel 

  • Added: Multi Vendor system
  • Added: Ajax based custom login form (Shortcode & Popup)
  • Added: Ajax based custom registration form (Shortcode & Popup)
  • Added: Options to control multi vendor system
  • Added: Options to control login & registration form
  • Added: Email verification system for new registration with custom error messages
  • Added: Separate booking details page for both Admin & vendor
  • Added: Integraded with license system and auto update system
  • Added: New pro options for hotels
  • Added: New pro options for tours
  • Added: Hotel room pricing by person can be selected
  • Added: Number of rooms and footage added to the hotel room
  • Added: You can now disable specific hotel rooms from settings
  • Added: You can now set pricing for tour based on date as well as limit persons
  • Added: You can now set time with date for tour booking
  • Added: You can now enable disable adult, child, infant for tour booking
  • Added: Continuous tour now can be disabled by day, date or range of dates.
  • Added: Multiple custom continuous tour now can be configured
  • Changed: Fixed type tour now will be auto selected on the frontend
  • Moved: Tour highlights moved from the “Highlights” menu to the “Information” menu

Initial release 

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