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Tourfic is the easiest way to BUILD & MANAGE Travel & Hotel Booking Websites, powered by WooCommerce.
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All You'll Ever Need for a Travel or Hotel Booking Website is Right Here

Tourfic is the Ultimate WordPress Tour Management plugin for Hotel and Tour Booking. It is designed to build your own professional travel agency website where you can efficiently list your hotels, resorts and tour plans for booking and receiving payments.

Hotel Booking & Management System

Tourfic has built in hotel booking and management system from where one can easily list your hotels for booking.

These hotels will be available for booking with the desired Payment method set on WooCommerce.

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Address with - Tourfic

Address with Map

Set Pinpointed Address with the help of Tourfic’s built-in Map, powered by OpenStreetMap.

Photo - Tourfic

Photo Gallery

Tourfic's Photo Gallery with Popup features will enable you to showcase unlimited photos of your hotel.

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Customers can save Hotels in their accounts for future reference. Backend Management is available.

Advanced - Tourfic

Advanced Pricing

Set room price by persons (Adult, Children, or Infant) or per room or custom Pricing by Date.

Dynamic Room - Tourfic

Dynamic Room Options

Add Title, Description, Features, Total Guest Count & Conditional Pricing for each room.

Room Inventory - Tourfic

Room Inventory Management

Upon each booking, Tourfic automatically re-organizes and sets each room's availability.

Individual Room - Tourfic

Individual Room Gallery

Set separate Photo galleries for each room. Such galleries won't affect the Main Photo Gallery.

Complete Room - Tourfic

Complete Room Management

Tourfic offers a complete room management system for each hotel. Sell any type of room you want.

Interactive - Tourfic

Interactive Hotels

Tourfic's Hotel Management System is so Interactive and Dynamic. Each option offer tons of flexible features.

FAQ with - Tourfic

FAQ with Accordion

FAQ is important for each hotel's booking. Thus, Tourfic has a built-in FAQ system with Accordion.

Availability by - Tourfic

Availability by Date

Room availability can be set based on the Date. Availability check is wholly based on Ajax.

Room - Tourfic

Room Features

Set Room Features with Icons like Wifi, Coffee Machine, TV, Refrigerator, Air Condition, etc.

Tour Listing Booking - Tourfic

Tour Listing &
Booking System

Tourfic offers a unique Tour listing and booking system from which one can easily list any kind of tour plans for booking.With the Power of WooCommerce, you can set any payment gateway and Customers can pay and book your Tour plans easily.
Address with - Tourfic

Location with Map

Set Pinpointed Address with the help of Tourfic’s built-in Map, powered by OpenStreetMap.

Photo - Tourfic

Photo Gallery

Tourfic's Photo Gallery with Popup features will enable you to showcase unlimited photos of your Tour.

Tour Video - Tourfic

Tour Video Options

Videos Sells. With Tourfic Pro, you can upload an introductory or any kind of video of your Tour.

Interactive - Tourfic

Interactive Pricing

Set Price by Person or Per Group. Enable/Disable Price for Adult/Child/Infant. Offer Discount on Tours.

Tour - Tourfic

Tour Extras

Sell Additional Extras like airport pick-up, hotel drop-off etc. Set as many customized Extras as you want.

Itinerary - Tourfic

Itinerary Builder

Showcase a complete roadmap of your Tour along with Photos with Tourfic's Itinerary Builder.

Continuous or Fixed - Tourfic

Continuous / Fixed Tour

Set each tour depending on your schedule. It can be set as "Continuous" or "Fixed" type.

Include or - Tourfic

Include / Exclude

Clearly describe whats' included with each of your tour plans. Don't forget to share which are Excluded.

Featured - Tourfic

Featured Tour

Need to Feature a Specific Tour within Search results? Tourfic has the option to set a Tour as featured.

Tour - Tourfic

Tour Highlights

Customer loves reading Summaries. Showcase your Tour Highlights with the help of Tourfic.

Maximum Days of - Tourfic

Maximum Days of Booking

Need to close booking on X days before the Tour date? Tourfic got you covered.

Wishlist@1x 1 - Tourfic


Customers can save Tours in their accounts for future reference. Backend Management is available.

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With Tourfic, You can Add Percentage based Discount or Fixed Discount on Total Tour Pricing.

Trip - Tourfic

Trip Reviews

Enable your customers to add their authentic reviews for the Hotels or Tours they booked.

Partial - Tourfic

Partial Payment

Customers can now book a tour or trip with Partial Payment Method (Coming soon).

Download - Tourfic

Download Itinerary

Generate & Download a PDF of your Itinerary Plan. (Coming Soon)

Multi-Vendor Integration

In a Multi-vendor travel website, multiple sellers or agencies come together to sell their hotel or tour services to customers. On such websites, customers have a chance to book hotels or tours from different sellers, agencies, or brands.

Need to develop a multi-vendor travel website like or Then Tourfic should be your choice. Tourfic has built-in Multi-Vendor Function where you can enable vendor registration, and provide the ability to upload their hotels, tours, etc. 

Multi Vendor Integration - Tourfic
Ajax Based Login - Tourfic

Ajax Based Login Form

Tourfic Pro offers Ajax-based Login forms for Vendors. Vendors can easily log in without any page reload.

Ajax based Registration - Tourfic

Ajax based Registration Form

Tourfic Pro offers Ajax-based Registration forms for Vendors. Vendors can easily register without any page reload.

Vendors Email - Tourfic

Vendor's Email Verification

Vendors need to verify their email before uploading data. Admin has the ability to enable or disable such an option.

Vendor - Tourfic

Vendor Restriction

Restrict Vendors from logging on unless Email is verified. Admin has the ability to enable or disable such an option.

Works with Any WooCommerce Payment - Tourfic

Works with Any WooCommerce Payment Gateways

Tourfic is completely based on WooCommerce. Any WooCommerce based Payment plugin will work perfectly with Tourfic.

You can easily setup Paypal, Stripe, or even your country specific payment gateways.

Dashboard with
Booking History

As Tourfic is based on WooCommerce, you can completely utilize WooCommerce’s built-in Order Details Panel, Marketing and Sales analytics, etc.

In addition, Tourfic has a fully customized Booking History dashboard from which you can easily check your current and past booking data. The dashboard includes (but is not limited to) the following info:

Custom Booking Module - Tourfic
Order - Tourfic

Order ID

An unique Order ID for each Customers.

Customer - Tourfic

Customer Details

Customer Name-Email-Phone-Address etc.

Payment - Tourfic

Payment Details

Customer's method of Payment.

Booking - Tourfic

Booking Date

The Date of Booking and Other relevant info.

Compatibility with Top Affiliate Plugins

Affiliate marketing is a flexible approach as well as a cost-effective method to promote your Travel site and generate new customers. It also lessens the amount of money invested on advertisements.

Thus, We developed complete integration with Popular affiliate Plugins like AffilateWP, Solid Affiliate and Slice WP.

Compatibility with Top Affiliate - Tourfic
Multilangual - Tourfic

Multi-Lingual Support

Everyone wants to develop a website in their native language. Tourfic is developed keeping the language factor in mind.

Tourfic is compatible with almost all famous multilingual plugins and we also provide separate PO & MO files for translation of our options panel in your own/native language.

Common Features

These are some common features which are available on both Hotel & Tour types.

Customer Review - Tourfic

Customer Review System

Enable your customers to add their authentic reviews for the Hotels or Tours which they previously booked.

Dynamic Search - Tourfic

Dynamic Search Engine

Tourfic has a dynamic search engine that quickly shows all the relevant data based on User search through the search form.

Shortcode - Tourfic

Shortcode Support

Tourfic comes up with Shortcodes (Search Form, Hotel/Tour slider) which can be embedded anywhere on the website.

Easy to Use Option - Tourfic

Easy to Use Option Panel

Tourfic has an easy to use option panel. Each options are self-explanatory and fully functional.

Fully - Tourfic

Fully Responsive

Whether it's a Desktop PC, Tablet, Android, or iOS device, Tourfic is Fully Responsive to all.

icon library - Tourfic

Icon Library

A Complete Font Awesome library (Free version) is included within Tourfic for various uses.

Our Upcoming Exciting Features

Estimated: August 2022

Apartment Listing &
Booking System

AirBnB is mostly popular for Apartment listing and booking, so can be you. That is why Tourfic is coming up with Complete Apartment management system.
Apartment Listing Booking - Tourfic
API based Integration with Top Travel - Tourfic

Estimated: November 2022

API based Integration with Top Travel Websites

A complete API based integration with popular travel website like, or You can easily list their listing on your website and earn commission.

Estimated: February 2023

Complete Flight Booking System

Need a Flight booking system on your website? A Fully Automated API based Flight booking and management is coming in your way soon!
Complete Flight Booking System@1x - Tourfic

Estimated: August 2022

Hotel & Tour Based WordPress Theme Library

Confused about Site’s frontend? Not to worry, we are bringing a WordPress Theme library loaded with Hotel, Tour and Apartment based Themes.

Tour Based WordPress Theme Library 1 - Tourfic

Don't just take our word for it.

People love Tourfic.

Trusted by 200+ Customers Worldwide.

I like how lightweight and straightforward the plugin is. Nowadays, most of the directory and travel booking solutions are mostly bloated with unnecessary features. And that’s what makes Tourfic Unique.
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Lincoln Islam
Founder, WPFunnels
Thanks for your awesome work on tourfic. I was looking for a similar travel plugin for a long time. Thanks a ton for saving both my money and time.
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Daniel Callum
WP User
I was looking for a travel plugin and stumbled into this. It works great. If you need a great hotel booking website for WooCommerce, then this one is for you.
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David Attard
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